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punchy configures the sending of inbound/outbound packets at a regular interval to avoid expiration of firewall NAT mappings.

punch: true
respond: true
delay: 1s
respond_delay: 5s


Default: False

punch enables its functionality, which causes the node to send small packets at the regular interval.


Default: False

respond means that a node unable to receive handshakes will attempt to initiate a handshake to the host attempting to establish a tunnel, which can be the case when hole punching fails in one direction. This can be extremely useful if one node is behind a difficult nat, such as a symmetric NAT.


Default: 5s

Delay before attempting punchy.respond. respond must be true to take effect.


Default: 1s

delay slows down punch responses which can be helpful for conditions where a NAT is unable to handle certain race conditions. respond must be true to take effect. Changing this value while running will not affect any in progress operations, only new ones.