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Relay support is new and therefore should be considered experimental. However, relays are a useful tool for solving tricky connectivity issues between hosts that otherwise are unable to route packets to each other.

am_relay: false
use_relays: true


relays are a list of Nebula IPs that peers can use to relay packets to this host. IPs in this list must have am_relay set to true in their configs, otherwise they will reject relay requests.

- <other Nebula VPN IPs of hosts used as relays to access me>

This list of relays is reported to the Lighthouse. When other nodes attempt to handshake with this host, the Lighthouse will indicate its supported relays in addition to its known IP addresses.


Set am_relay to true to permit other hosts to list my IP in their relays config. The default is false.


Set use_relays to false to prevent this instance from attempting to establish connections through relays. The default is true.