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The static map defines options which control the interpretation of the static_host_map.


network: ip4
cadence: 30s
lookup_timeout: 250ms

Default: ip4

Select the IP version used to communicate with hosts in the static map. Valid values are ip4, ip6, and ip (for both.)


In general, this should be left as the default value ip4 to avoid issues communicating with IPv4-only hosts.

Lighthouses learn each node's IP addresses by looking at the source address of incoming packets as well as the self-reported addresses sent by the node. Because most devices are behind a NAT of some sort (e.g. a network router) they cannot self-report their public IPv4 address. By contacting the Lighthouse via its IPv4 address, the Lighthouse is able to learn the node's public IPv4 address.

It is necessary to set this setting to ip6 (or ip) for IPv6-only hosts.


Default: 30s

Interval to re-query DNS for hostnames listed in the static map


Default: 250ms

Timeout for DNS lookup of static hosts